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You were orphaned in early childhood and raised incognito by a mysterious Order of  Dominican monks who rescued you from the workhouse.  Your loyalty lies with them and not the crown.  Your name is Willa and are just twelve years old but your skills at hiding and anonymity empower you to brave missions others could not dare. 



Tonight one of the monks, Joseph was arrested for speaking out against the king. Knowing charges of treason carry the ultimate punishment you want to save him - and save him you will!  He is being taken to the Tower of London at the end of the London Wall to stay off the streets you must sneak unseen through all the gate towers along the way.  Spies and guards lurk round every corner in Tudor London.



After first checking in with your mentor, the Provincial at Ludgate Priory the adventure begins.  Gate 2 is an isometric recreation of Newgate Jail where Albone Atkyn rules the roost.  If you get out of there free, it will be the theatre of Aldersgate next.  Then from comedy to tragedy, Cripplegate Hospital is next stop and where, mercy killing is highly recommended.  Play your cards right for a warm welcome at Moorgate Inn if you survived and you'll find an excursion to Bedlam on offer.  Brewers are the rockstars of Aldgate and their attic is an enchanted Hop Forest and last stop before the great Tower of London.  Mashing up fact and fiction throughout, this is home to Henry VIII, a couple of his late wives, Beefeater guards and The Executioner. You need to find the Royal Mint, win the Crown Jewels  palace labyrinthe Royal Mint, an Armoury and Crown Jewels as you search for Brother Joseph.


  • Explore over 50 settings of Tudor London.    

  • Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Mission 1545 with hand-drawn animated cutscenes and star quality voice acting.    

  • Smoky medieval electronica and choral soundtrack by multi award-winning composer Martyn Ware.



In order of appearance


JOSEPH - outspoken and passionate young monk from the Order of Dominicans with an unfortunate tendency to attract unwanted attention.


WILLA - our heroine, whose reputation for stealth and night missions  earned her the nickname 'The Moth'.  Orphaned in early childhood, she was raised incognito by the Dominicans so her loyalty lies there - rather than the crown.


THE PROVINCIAL - wise, informed, secretive leader of the Dominican Order. 


JAILER - Albone Atkyn, a self-loathing cockney jailer who spends his days talking with severed heads with a mix of jealousy and resentment.


THE HEADS - Alice, Jack and Eli gang up and tease Albone, knowing he can no longer avenge himself on them.





THEATRE DIRECTOR- John Stow.  French, or pretends to be.  Carping and flamboyant, personally superior and minds deeply about the profession's low status.


NURSING SISTERS - move around like a greek chorus.  With no medical training they know their patients are doomed and that rest and keeping the place clean is the only effective contribution to their welfare.


PATIENTS - Bayley, Dowgate, Fyshe and Hornblower. None will leave except in a box, but they're still hopeful.  Grasping every straw they compare remedies and strive to be cheerful, but it's a bit pathetic.


SEMER FARINGDON - Bedlam's Keeper is slightly creepy, tragic.  In his world, the insane are somehow closer to the divine than the rest of us.  In some mad way, they are the saved.


MISTRESS Q - Inn Keeper, retired prostitute, keen to re-invent herself. Is a bit vulgar hinting at impressive social connections. She moans constantly about customers being kept away by the curfew.  Very proud of her mutton stew.

WULF + WOUTER GODAR - the Brewery twins from Bruges who settled in London to make their fortunes. They bicker constantly but work hard.  Wouter enjoys his success but is homesick.  Wulf enjoys bear-baiting and London life - especially the women.


QUEENS ANNE and CATHERINE - known fondly as the PZQ's (Posh Zombie Queens) these are spirits known to still haunt the Tower of London where they lost their heads, complaining.  At least they have each other.


THE EXECUTIONER - is feared and lonely.  Can't get served at the pub and living proof that money can't buy you love.





Guards, Beefeaters, Stage Hands, some dogs, cats and a polar bear.


Mission 1545 Video game set in Ancient Londont
Brother Joseph needs rescuing in Mission 1545 video game Steam
The Provincial from Mission 1545 video game set in Tudor Londo

City Quests Media, P O Box 7735, Towcester, Northants NN12 7YJ, UK.

Supported by the Corporation of London, Enterprise England, Tate Modern, the Museum of London, the award-winning team behind this progressive and new virtual reality style experience for citizens and tourists will be unmissable family show with it's 3d immersive sound and wraparound panoramic 180 and 360 film designed by Martyn Ware from Human League and Heaven 17, a magic script by  legendary Hollywood Screenwriter Jim Hart (a favourite with Spielberg, Scorcese et al) with David Long Engish author and historian. These shows are like 'having Pink Floyd in your back yard'  cool vintage film mixed virtual and augmented reality AR MR VR time out art music weekend vibe. In the show you'll visit underground and mainstream attractions including  St Paul's  Cathedral, the Tower of London, St Bartholomew The Great church, Blackfriars, Guildhall crypt, Denis Severs House, livery company Worshipful company of Apothecaries, and more.

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