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The MISSION 1545 game platform is our version of London's most ancient district known as the Square Mile which is wrapped by a Roman Wall with eight gates for access.  Each gate in the game is themed to the reputation of the neighbourhood which stood around it.  

The feuding monasteries of Blackfriars Greyfriars became LUDGATE priory. NEWGATE was always a harrowing jail (now the Old Bailey). People hoped for miracles when they walked through CRIPPLEGATE - the very premise behind the establishment of St Barts Church and Hospital still there today.  ALDERSGATE was close to Clerkenwell Green and the original Globe Theatre, hence a Theatre. MOORGATE was famous for it's coaching inns, being located on the Roman Road from the North.  And BEDLAM was not exactly on the spot but pretty close to BISHOPSGATE (please bear with).  ALDGATE has been home to brewers for centuries - even now you can visit the Truman Brewery now a bohemian cafe society zone with cool shops.  FYI while you sip your latte bear in mind that breweries settled there because the water pulled from the Aldgate Pump (Fenchurch St) was unusually sweet owing to the water having leeched calcium from the burial pits and graveyards upstream. 

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